Lodge y Punta de Lobos| Chile | Natural Surf Lodge, Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos

Lodge & Punta de Lobos

Located only 3 hours from Santiago, 3 km from Pichilemu and 1,5 km from Punta de Lobos. Our little bed and breakfast built over an abandoned house for more than 10 years, which we renovated in 1 year and half or work.

Within the materials used for the reconstruction highlight a huge wall made of local stone from Cahuil, cypress wood in the interiors and furniture designed by our self and others imported from the Island of Bali and Java.


Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning, a meal in the open air watching a sunset in the pacified or a warm bath in our pool after an afternoon of surfing in Punta de lobos.

Punta de Lobos is undoubtedly the best left hander in South America, well recognized for be a consistent and long wave’s year around. Besides the waves the place offers a breathtaking scenery. The cliffs over the point, the mythical paddling from the morros and the different section of the wave make the surf here a unique experience.