ACTIVIDADES| Chile | Natural Surf Lodge, Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos


Pichilemu (en mapudungun: pichilemu, ‘bosque pequeño’) es una ciudad y comuna de la zona central de Chile, en la región de O’Higgins. Es la capital de la provincia de Cardenal Caro.

Integra junto con las comunas de Placilla, Nancagua, Chépica, Santa Cruz, Pumanque, Palmilla, Peralillo, Navidad, Lolol, Litueche, La Estrella, Marchigüe y Paredones el Distrito Electoral N° 16 y pertenece a la 8ª Circunscripción Senatorial (O’Higgins).

La playa de Pichilemu es una zona de práctica de surf, específicamente el sector de Punta de Lobos, donde por sus break points se han desarrollado campeonatos con participación y relevancia internacional que han provocado que Pichilemu sea nombrada la Capital Mundial del Surf.

Surf Lessons

The surf school usually holds classes at the beach of Punta de Lobos which has excellent conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers, more experienced surfer can take advances lessons to get along with the point break, and the mitical paddle out from los Morros.

The classes are given by an experienced instructor with more than 10 years of surfing skills, the lesson includes stretching and warm up exercises specially developed for surfers.


One day surf trip

Is the perfect option to intermediate and experienced surfer who want to take advantage to what the region has to offer, we will take to surf the best waves around Pichilemu depending of the swell and weather conditions (Punta de Lobos, Infiernillo, Puntilla, la Pancora) and includes a day excursion to Puertecillo (famous point break) and others secret spots.

This region offer some of the betters lefthanders point breaks in the world, and the conditions are good year round. Every day we will ensure that you get the best surf, and have a great time discovering the place. The local crew will keep you in tune with the place and nature, giving you a lifetime experience.

There a lot of point breaks to discover and occasional beach breaks, some of the point break can give you the barrel of your life or the biggest wave you ever catch, Punta de Lobos (where the lodge is located) can holds waves over 20 foots, puertecillo is long and barrelling fun and other spot are unbelieving too, so bring your boards and courage to fell the southern pacific power

Horse Back Riding

1-3 hours with guide departing from the lodge

Subject to availability. It must be confirmed at least one day in advance.